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Meet Bira dos Namorados

What is Bira dos Namorados?

Bira dos Namorados is a typical and relaxed space, full of life, traditions, distinct flavors and good service practices. There are mandatory pillars that work in a structured way: the quality of the products, the excellence of the service, and the uniqueness of the concept.

Origin of name: Bira dos Namorados

BIRA: Vira is a dance from the Minho region, it is one of the oldest Portuguese folk dances.

Bira is written with a "B" and not a "V" because of the phonetic exchange commonly found in northern Portugal.


NAMORADOS: The Namorados (lovers') scarf, also traditional from Minho, was worn by women of marriageable age. The girl in love embroidered her handkerchief and handed it to her lover when he went away. It was used as a conquest ritual. Once made, the handkerchief would eventually reach the possession of the beloved man, who would start using it in public as a way to show that he had started a relationship.

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Burgers, Steak Sandwichs, and Bowls

Constitution and quality of the products

  • The menu consists with handmade burgers & steak sandwiches, and bowls

  • All ingredients are fresh, delivered daily by local suppliers in the city of Braga or Porto

  • Each burgers, steak sandwiches or bowl is very well thought for the combination of flavors be perfect

  • All products/ingredients are of the highest quality

  • The burgers and steak sandwiches are accompanied by a mixture of sweet potatoes and potatoes from the region


Names of traditional Portuguese dances and instruments

  • All burgers, steak sandwiches, and bowls are named after traditional Portuguese dances and instruments.

Manel e Maria

The figures Manel and Maria were inspired by the Minho traditions.

On the walls of Bira dos Namorados Braga and Porto there are two graffiti as a satire on today's society, with the aim of bringing about change.

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Enquanto o Manel borda um lindo lenço dos namorados para a Maria, esta está a comer o seu hambúrguer e a ver televisão.

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O Manel e a Maria chegam à cidade do Porto, à ribeira do Porto, de barco rabelo. Enquanto Maria aprecia a bela cidade do Porto o Manel oferece-lhe um hambúrguer.

Bira dos Namorados decoration

The rustic venue of Bira dos Namorados is inspired by the Portuguese tradition with modern touches.



  • Decorated based on four colors, three of them primary, red, blue, yellow, and green

  • The colors used are the same as Valentine's handkerchiefs in the Vila Verde region (Braga)

  • Most of the furniture is reused, restored, recycled, and customized

  • Lighting is done manually, customizing and reusing various objects that are transformed into lamps


Icons: Grandparents Chart

  • In both BN Braga and BN Porto, beyond the old pieces from our grandparents' house scattered throughout Bira dos Namorados, there is a chart in each BN with only grandparents' pieces to remembering the childhood times of each client. feel at home, in a close and welcoming environment


Icons: Coração do Minho (Heart of Minho)

  • The Coração do Minho (Heart of Minho) is another one of the icons of the BN decoration with great importance.

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